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The Amazing iPad Magician!

I almost put this under "Why Music & Languages", because language
skills and music skills require and teach critical thinking skills..



If insulted by this post thouest be, then get thee gone thou mewling, rump-fed, moldwarp...

What a Teacher!  What a student. 













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Music Notation Described By Cats

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CELLO 2.0!

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Two archeologists, exploring a remote mountain in Tibet, came across a huge granite statue which resembled a sitting man. It stood almost 400 foot tall, and its bodily details were accurate down to the fingernails and teeth.

“It looks real enough to talk,” says one.
“Lets try,” says the other.
Turning to the statue, he asks it its name. No answer.
"How old are you?"
No answer.
Finally, one shouts out,
“What is the square root of 64?”
Suddenly, the mountain shakes as the giant statue rises onto its feet and puts it's hand on its chin. Then after about ten seconds, the statue answers in a roaring voice,
Of course," says the first scientist.
"It only stands to reason."





     (Halloween Trom-Bones)