Julie's Music & Language Studio in Columbia, MO


* Private Piano and Violin lessons
Private tutoring and group classes in:

     *  Spanish

     *  French

     *  ESL (English as a Second Language)

     *  English Literacy 

               (reading, writing, spelling, & grammatical skills for native English speakers)

*   Ask about PARENT/CHILD LESSONS!  Learn together, practice together, and explore music together!  


  I welcome ages 4 through retirement.  


My music teaching extends beyond the mechanics of the instrument itself and encompasses theory, ear-training, music history, appreciation of different genres, and improv.  


Languages are taught partly by immersion and partly by grammatical analysis and interpretation skills.  Conversation, reading,  writing, and literature are all part of the language experience.


Contact me to discuss how music and/or languages can enrich your life or that of your child!

From the international concert violinist Nicola Benedetti:

"A parent will say to me sometimes that a young player isn't enjoying the practice - but they don't have to enjoy it all the time! 

Don't expect your practice hours to be filled with the same feeling that will come when it works, and all fits together. 

Just fill yourself with the patience and understanding that will produce it in the end. Be calm and patient and you'll find that it is worth it. I can hold up my hand and say that.

These hours will do something for you that it is difficult to find a replacement for.

You'll have a different relationship with your ability to stick with something - your ability to produce what you are capable of."

Nicola Benedetti,
Winner of BBC Young Musician of the Year 2004


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